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Be dazzled by The Wedding Artist, widely considered the best in the wedding business!

Don’t just be drawn, be entertained! Wedding caricatures are an excellent and unique idea to entertain your wedding guests. Each quick caricature breaks the ice and raises laughter during your wedding lulls.

Spot On George is a world-renowned Midlands-based wedding entertainer with 30 years experience and an impressive CV, including TV shows, magazines and celebrities. Spot On George now has over 150k followers on Instagram, so is considered an ‘Influencer’ in the trade.

How Do I Work?

How I Work
How I Work

As seen on Paul O’Grady Show, Blue Peter,  Coach Trip, The One Show and in HELLO! George draws caricatures for GQ and TV Times, so his quality is assured; You simply won’t hire a more entertaining caricaturist for the biggest day of your life. Why hire a side show or a photobooth, when you can hire a showman and walkabout entertainer?

Professional Walkabout Caricature Artist for hire – Never knowingly sat in a corner!

George draws while standing up, walking and mixing with your guests, maximizing the fun every 4 minutes and turning his art into a show.  His performance is pro-active and inclusive, but not obtrusive. He’ll have your guests in stitches with his outrageous caricatures, guaranteed! No sitting in a corner, working through a queue of people, just fast moving fun! See the fun HERE

Wedding Invitations, Signing Boards and Place Savers

George offers caricatures from photos, ideal for humorous wedding invitations, guest place savers or anniversary gifts. Framed caricature signing boards are a fabulous idea, published quality caricatures make an excellent memento and never too cheezy!

George is Published

See George’s magazine caricatures together in a book for the first time, some of your favourite Hollywood movie stars. You’ll be in no doubt of his excellent quality artwork!

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George came to Hayling for our Son’s wedding and had to drive across several fields to reach the venue. George was amazing and fitted into the mix of friends brilliantly. He had us all in stitches as he produced drawing after drawing capturing our friends and family to a tee. I am so pleased I booked him for this special day as it added a great dimension to the event. I’d totally recommend George and the the whole experience. Just brilliant x

Sue Phillips

Mother of Groom

Just wanted to say; thank you so much for an absolute blast! … everyone thoroughly enjoyed your entertaining performances and seeing themselves immortalised in your special way.
I wanted to especially thank you for getting straight in and making sure the stars of the day, the Bride and Groom, were captured.
It’s hard to put into words what enjoyment you added to the evening during the lull’s as you term it… it all makes sense now… brilliant!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ben Redding

Father of the Bride