How does George work?

How to hire a Caricaturist

Book Me Online

Simply use the Enquiry form to check my availability and price. Once details are agreed, fill out my Booking form and I send you a contract. You pay for my time, all my drawings are FREE. Payment can be made by Paypal, BACs or cheque.
How to hire a caricaturist

I Come To You!

On your big day, I drive, fly or commute to your wedding. I aim to arrive 30 minutes early. I travel all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East, travel expenses are incorporated into my fee.
How to hire a Caricaturist

I draw your guests!

I draw as many guests as possible within my allotted time (2 - 3 hours). I mix and mingle, while chatting and raising laughs. All drawings are given out for FREE
How to hire a Caricaturist

Everybody smiles!

I always draw a crowd and each drawing is watched and enjoyed by dozens of guests. The buzz goes on for hours after I am gone! Everyone goes home happy!

  Answers to FAQ

1. Each caricature takes 4 – 5 minutes to draw, that’s up to 15 caricatures every hour.

2. I draw while standing and mingling or seated if required for longer bookings.

3. I draw only willing subjects, head table first.

4. No need to draw everyone – Each drawing entertains a handful of people, on average making 60 guests laugh in just 2 hours.

5. All caricatures are FREE to your guests on the day!

6. I draw my live caricatures in black & white, much faster than full colour and better value.

7. I draw singles mainly, apart from the bride & groom. Couples take twice as long and increase waiting times.

8. I perform before or after the meal and never interrupt the diners.

9. I travel all over the UK, so distance is no object.

10. I can’t draw in the dark, so discos and dark marquees are not ideal.

11. I’m not a children’s entertainer, their attention span is too short to make good subjects.

12. I’m a qualified professional artist and entertainer and I’ve never worked on a street or a beach.

13. I don’t compete on price basis, I simply offer you the best service available for your money

14. All payments must be made and cleared before my performance begins.

15. Caricaturing is my full time job, my profession, my career and I give it 100%. 

16. Did I miss someone? Yes I can draw from photos after the event, cost £20 each, even Bride & Groom – so make time on the day.  

17. Not sure of timings? Visit my Wedding Planner Clock for guidance.

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