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Wedding Caricatures

I am a wedding entertainer.  Hire me for your wedding and I’ll mingle with your guests, drawing quick (4 min) caricatures, creating a buzz, breaking the ice and filling those wedding lulls with laughter. I’m professional, mobile, unobtrusive, stylish, charming and highly entertaining.

Please forget what you’ve seen at Theme Parks, on holiday or on street corners,  I’m a professional WALKABOUT ENTERTAINER, not a busker at an easel in a corner.  My aim is to mix & mingle,  dazzle and amuse your guests.

wedding caricaturist

I’ve been entertaining at weddings since 1991 and in my experience weddings can differ greatly in format, especially civil partnerships and Indian Weddings, but as a general rule there are usually two wedding lulls to fill on the big day;

wedding lulls

First Lull

Immediately after the wedding ceremony, the drinks reception, when guests are enjoying a glass of Pimms and photos are being taken on the lawn. I mingle with the guests, help break the ice by drawing caricatures and keep them entertained while the happy couple are busy with photos. I usually try to draw the ‘A-team’ (immediate family, ushers, bridesmaids etc) before the line-up for the Wedding Breakfast, the button holes and big hats are a usual give away, but a few pointers from the Ushers can help. Traditional Photographers often leave me entertaining mainly guests, while family are posing.

  • The Wedding Breakfast is always busy and needs no other wedding entertainment than the speeches. I cannot work during the meal
  • Best time to catch Bride, Groom and family is often immediately after their meal and speeches.

Second Lull

Following the meal, waistcoats are unbuttoned and guests are usually ushered into the bar area, as the main venue is transformed for the evening’s festivities. This provides the next wedding lull and that’s where I can step in and keep your guests entertained. I would normally expect to perform for up to 2 hours in the afternoon or 2 – 3 hours in the early evening (30 – 45 caricatures).  All I need to work is adequate lighting, please bare this in mind if looking at an evening booking or a marquee.  Evening bookings do tend to develop a queue later on, but the buzz is great.

  • My performance should end with the FIRST DANCE, after which point there is enough dancing and entertainment for all.  I do not work past 9.30pm

Packages & Prices

A) First Lull – pre-meal, up to 2 hours = £360
B) Second Lull – post-meal, 2 hours = £380
C) Second Lull – post-meal, 3 hours = £450
D) Both Lulls – all day; 2 hours, meal break, then 2 hours = £620

Starting prices are subject to seasonal and locational variations, travel may be extra*


Remember, its a spectator event; each 4 minute caricature captivates and entertains a crowd, so while I can draw 15 caricatures per hour, I  ENTERTAIN  30- 60 people and the buzz goes on long after I’m gone. That’s a lot of happy faces. Whereas, drawing all 100 guests would take 7 solid hours of ‘heads down’ non-stop drawing and no-one would enjoy that!

*George is Leicester based so weddings in Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, the extremities and outside UK will require travel and possible overnight stay to be covered.



See how my caricatures spread the happiness…


father of bride frowns
father of bride laughs
father of bride smiles
everybody smiles


wedding caricatures

“This is a fantastic idea to have at your wedding to keep your guests entertained whilst your photographs are done. I’ve come across George now at a couple of weddings and he is brilliant, it’s amazing how in just a few strokes of a pen he can capture a persons essence. And what George doesn’t see is that when he has gone the fun goes on as the guests compare results, then the evening guests get to share the laughter too. Amazing value for money. He has even drawn me and its ‘Spot On’ George!”

– Bill Haddon (wedding photographer)



Essential to my success…

I will need a couple of things to maximize my success on your big day;

  1. Good lighting – a Disco or dark bar makes it impossible to draw.
  2. No surprises – Make sure everyone knows I will be coming! Build up interest, otherwise I can be ignored on the day.
  3. Guidance – If you want specific people drawn, make them known to me. I cannot be held responsible for guests not being drawn.
  • NOTE:  I do not draw during the meal, its impractical. I draw mainly singles, as couples involve sitting down in a corner with a long queue of people waiting, a format which is better suited for a Pier, not a wedding. I am an entertainer and do not sit down in a corner, I mingle and entertain your guests.